Changing a Class to Process hides it from the node browser


this is on 2021.4.4 - 0737. when you create a Class and later change it to a Record, it’s not visible in the node browser.

repro :

  • in the definitions, create a class named Foo. check the node browser, it shows up.
  • go inside the class and on the left, change it to a process
  • go to the application patch and look for Foo, the node browser shows nothing
  • just to make sure, go back to the definitions, this time create a process named Bar : it shows up as a node in the nodebrowser

a process patch will only define one process node or util operations… maybe the process node flag is off?


oh, indeed!

since I manually turned it to process I did not even check if Process Node was enabled… could/should this be automatically set to true when one changes a class to a process?


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yes, that can be considered a bug.

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