Change video in VideoSync

hey everybody,

is anybody tell me how switch to video in VideoSync.for example,i’ll play two videos in VideoSync,one video’s length is twenty seconds ,the other’s length is three minutes,if i play the first video at first,then i switch to the second video,in that way when the second video play
twenty seconds ,it’ll playback,then it will be OK.

If only the previous video’s length shorter than the current video’s length ,the problem will happen.

please help!!!

hello, i never tried to switch video files with the video sync patch. what exactly happens? what exactly is the problem?

hello tonfilm,

you will run it on one PC,the information is in the path.

anyone may test it.

V4_Testsync.rar (6.7 kB)

hello everybody,

anyone knows it?anyone has quite a similar problem?
who can solve it?

thanks in advance.