Change value on pin with right mouse button

if you change a value on a pin (i.e. IOBox Value) by dragging with the right mouse button depressed, you can change it upwards as far as you want, but if you want to decrease a value it gets stuck when the (invisible) mousepointer hits the lower edge of your windows desktop.

i’m not sure if others also experience this, can’t try on another machine.

and for completeness: i know about accelerating change with alt,strg,shift keys, i just wanted to mention it because it does not seem to be intended behaviour…

do you happen to have a second monitor with a different resolution? than the primary?

yes. laptop 1024768 with attached CRT 12801024. mostly working with vvvv windows on the laptop screen, but displaying the renderer on the second one. known bug?

same here, value dragging stops sometimes, thought it was my mouse. also have two screens, 1280x1024 as primary on the right side and 1920x1200 laptop screen as second.

yep. kind of …sory…no workaround known.

A Mouse (System Global) set to Cycle? :)