Change the color of transformed lines (DX9)

Hi there,
I am an absolute beginner but I already love vvvv! I apologize if my question is to simple.

I’m trying to draw several vertical lines with different colors.
The number and vertical position of the lines should be flexible.
My approach is to draw one line (EX9) and to use the transform node to move/generate the other lines.
I use the spread node to define the number of lines. This works fine.

Now I would like to change the color of each generated line. Adding a spread of colors to the color inlet of line (EX9) affects only the color of individual line segments (if any). How can I change the color of the lines generated by the transform node?

Probably I am still missing basic concepts and vocabulary of vvvv, and thus it is difficult to do an effective web search.

Thank you for your help.

you need add select color node and set it to select as much slices as you have vertices per line. then you can connect your colors to input and result in to the line

Thank you for your help! Still don’t get it to work. I attached the file. I would like each line to be of a different color.

color line.v4p (9.6 kB)

also see the line examples in:

You seem to be doing it right, try using Line (EX9.Geometry) instead, then it should work

Thanks for the help! I figured it out now.