Change specific slice index value

Hello everybody :)
I know that’s a silly question, but I need your help. In the MAP node (below I uploaded the patch) I wish edit ONLY the second slice index of INPUT VALUE (183) trough a spread; I tried the STE SLICE node but I can’t figure out if I’m mistaking something. So, there’s a node that could select and change only one slice, through spread (the value from the add nodes below) keeping inalterate the other one?
Thanks to all :)
marchio generativo personale.v4p (74.5 KB)

SetSlice with index set to 1, like this?
marchio generativo personale.v4p (76.8 KB)

YES, EXACTLY :)!!! I knew it was a little problem, I had to invert the input-output connection beetwen map and set slice, THANK YOU SO MUCH :)!!!

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