Change quad size without changing video size?

i want to project onto several square columns. i have a video which is put on a quad ( filestream > video texture > quad ) my idea was then to transform the quad to make it fit the column, but when i do, the video is squeezed to fit the quad ( if i stretch the quad on the x axis, the video stretches too )

as an example - the original image is A, i want it to look like B when the quad has its x scale changed, but it looks like C example 01.jpg

any ideas? should i use something other than a quad?

check out the Texture Transform on the quad

i have added a transform node to the texture transform and i have io boxes setting the X and Y scale to 1, but they the quad scaling seems to over ride it and the image still ends up distorted.

ahhh, just sussed it…

the transform node which controls the quad transform has to also be attached to the texture transform on the quad :)