Change Kinect Index

Hello dear vvvv forum,

Im a 3d Motion-Artist and we are now using the realtime enviroment vvvv. Im so happy to use vvvv for one of our projects :)

We connect two Kinects Xbox 360 on one laptop to track the movement of two people in two seperate rooms. The kinect-node show me that the Kinect count is 2 and I would like to switch between the two Kinects. The kinect-node have a input pin called “index”. I assume this is the pin to switch between the two Kinects. But when I change the value to 1 it don’t change an remain the value 0.

Any tips why i cant change the value ?

Hi, i’m not sure, but as i remember i had something troubling with two kinects before they started to work. I think you should try to restart vvvv after u changed index, and if that works, you can create two kinect nodes and switch between them…

Oh ok thanks i will try :)


I tried and it worked like a charm :) Thank you a lot.

First I disconnected my Kinects. Then turn on the PC. Built my Patch in vvvv with the two different index pins in the Kinect-nodes. Turn off the PC then connected the Kinects, started and it worked like a charm :)

vvvv is awesomeness :D

Here the final vvvv patch :)

And here we have a small documentation video (which sadly dont really represent the interactivity of the installation)

Made in the third semester at the DHBW University in Ravensburg Germany


nice project, always good to see students get something done with vvvv.

here is a nice read that could improve the patch quite a bit in terms of readability:

I find Subpatches (for me as beginner) rather confusing. Maybe i just need get used to it in the future projects :)

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