Chamsys Artnet input

Hello All.
I had the pleasure of breaking my head hard on this one and I thought I could help anybody tyring to have some fun with this lightdesk.
I was trying to input Artnet into the chamsys mq80 from vvvv, I had the connection right, cables working I even saw the data coming in the console but no way to actually get any output.
After many menus and phone calls, we finally found the solution. so here it is=
there are 2 ways to go around and get some lights shining

  1. the brute way- in the menu where you define your inputs the is a rubric called test, you can set it to merge (or input if you dont need any control from the desk itself).
  2. the cleaner way- in the patch menu in “VIEW CHANS” you can set the type of merge for each channel you actually want to control…
    Maybe this is common knowledge but it took us hours to find out… I only used GrandMA until now and with it there is no need to set this merge function…

I hope it helps… someday, someone.

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As a Chamsys user, I wasn’t aware of your second method, I always figured I could only take over an entire Universe, so thanks here. Sounds cool, might finally combine v4 and Chamsys.

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