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Hi i am new here, i need your help guys with a project i do for my bachelor degree. I am trying to create a tabletop tangible interface something like reactable but with a different application. I am using ccv and vvvv for the graphical feedback. So i want to assign one of my fingers to a specific pin i create and i want my finger to manipulate its axis. What i dont understand is that ccv gives me an id for the blob it sees but this id changes every time i lift my hand. Also i am using from vvvv the object tuiocursor, is that correct? Thank you in advance.

Hi, and welcome to forum.
So first of all what do you mean by ccv?

First, i guess it’s totally normal, since, you rise your hand, you have new blolb id.
Simple solution would be to make an area with hit test, that on enter of this area, blob got marked as an axis control blob, so then your can grab it’s id and feed in to axis control…

axis control blob.v4p (25.0 KB)
needs dx11 installed

Thank you for your fast reply, i think i see were you getting at but, the object rasterizer is missing. What is that?

You need dx11 pack installed

Yes thats the correct one to use.
Also this might be helpful to you on the way:

@antokhio yes thats ccv its like reactivision but i think its better for fingers

So let me rephrase, i want to know how from the tuiocursor i can assign a finger to move an object when the id always changes.

hi, I think, you should look on mtstack, it is’t touch only, you can use it for whatever points…
I know there is something on particles pack also with clustering… this type of stuff you need a plug-in c# or you can try VL. i guess the basic idea is to buffer some touches, and check weather the new touch is in certain threshold…

Touch interaction we’re moved on os level, where they have pointer events, so this field become unpopular for indie devs… So if looking for something ready guess mtstack is good start

@antokhio thank you good sir! i ll let you know if it works!

This contribution Tracker might help you

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