Card with 5 or 6 video outputs

Ahoj guys!
I’m planning an installation with 4 projectors (plus one monitor), so I need some advice if you already tried something like this

have you experience with graphic card with 5 or more outputs?
I found this as example

thanks for advice!

u can use any normal card or two with dx11 no problem. i did up to 8 beamers with 2-3 videocards everything ok

you can do that with a single ati R9 having mrt displaylink and a splitter like the one from club 3d

5x wuxga and a control monitor maxed it out though.

edit: for reference: Video Montford House

hi antokhino

two or more video cards…does it mean, i don’t need a streched desktop like eyefinity?

thx and greetz


Hi chriss, no u don’t if ur whole pipeline in 11 ;]

hey nico :),

i have a good experiences with gtx+quardos combination (viz. mercedes at signal prague, we had gtx titan + quadro nvs 310).

vvvv should be launched on a display which is connected to the gtx card and projectors are connected to quadro and gtx. cool feature of quardo is a built in software edid emulator, so you do not need hardware edid manager devices.

attaching a dx11 multiscreen sample where all you need to do is name a render window and select on which display device it should run, it will switch the render windows into fullscreen after configured interval.

good luck!
a. (21.1 kB)

Hey Andrej! Thanks, MSI_rendering is missing in your zip :/

BTW I was asking if someone have experience with such kind of card (or similar) because for logistic problem I cannot use only one graphic card, and cannot connect external boxes like tripleheads or similar…

Right! Sorry for the missing file.
Yes, my experiences with GTX+Quadro are good, it is cheaper than dual/triplehead and handles EDID very well. (23.3 kB)

Is it possible with this GTX+Quadro setup to manage the EDIT on the GTX card??

kopffarben: unfortunatelly no, you can manage EDID only on Quadro card outputs.

can the outputs of the quadro benefit from acceleration of the gtx? Ie all the main rendering happens on the gtx and the quadro is just used for output?

mrboni: exactly, that is the point - have the acceleration running on gtx and benefit from the edid and additional outputs of quadro. the integration is very smooth, you don’t need to configure anything, just make sure to have the startup device of vvvv attached to gtx. you might need to instal quadro drivers, but all cases it worked for me out of the box.

Well that’s just great :)

dx11 only?

mrboni: i guess the combination of gtx+quadro works with dx9 as well, but why would anyone do it :). if you have to stay with dx9, sending a shared texture to resolume and handling the outputs from there might be interesting.

I’m fully dx11

I just like to know where limitations lie…

did anyone test GTX+Quadro setup with DX9?