Capture video stream, then playback it immediately

I am trying to capture video stream, and after i save it to a avi file, i want to playback it in a separate VideoOut window:

  1. i press bang “b1” to give a unique name for stream, which is going to be saved to avi file
  2. i press toggle “b2” to start writing stream to a avi file
  3. i press bang “b3” to start playing saved avi file

however (3) is not playing the file for me.
Well, when i remove connector between Queue and FileStream nodes, the “VideoOut – recorded stream playback” node’s window appears, but this is not the solution, because further i am plannig to playback avi file automatically, without banging manually FileStream node.

Where am i doing a mistake?

Ps. i tried S+H(String) node, but it didn’t help as well.

any help is appreciated.
thanks. jimmi.

savestreamtoaviandplayit.v4p (8.9 kB)

How about a Dir node, sort(string) alphabetically, the a get slice -1 to get the last string in the folder, and bang the rescan pin on the directory to when a new files been writen?

thanks :)