Capture screen region to a texture

Dear geniuses,
Do you have an idea how to continiously capture a certain region of a screen (part of an application which runs in parallel to vvvv) to a texture? I only need a small region of approx. 20x20 pixels.
I would like to then analyse it with OpenCV.

VL.ScreenRecorder might help you with that

Hi @motzi, thank you but this records the screen into a file. I need to process the content in realtime in vvvv. Could it be that there is already a node for screencapturing into a texture an I just can’t find it?

i don’t think we have a ready node for this currently. one option that comes to mind is using VL.IO.NDI and their ScreenCapture tool.

obviously this requires some extra setup that may or may not be an issue in your situation. if you need this for a commercial project we might be able to prioritize such a node for you. in case, please get in touch.

Dear @joreg, thank you for the hint. In the meantime I managed to make it work with SPOUT.