Capture card advice needed

I need to be able to capture somebody else’computer output (typically vga, hdmi, dvi, etc.) and use it in vvvv.
I am eyeing this capture card:

but can t really understand if that will work.
Anyway what would you advice? A portable solution like this one seems pretty cool so I can use it with my laptop as well.


I forgot to mention that I d like to be able to capture at least 1024x768px or better

intensity will “work” but it can do only standards like 720p or 1080i
and expect a sytem crash if you unplug the cable (thats win/mac)
framerate will vary like a bad old record player
it will sometimes skip frames and the latency is crap
definately not for live setup!

im talking about the card version, dont know about the usb3 version

i can absolutely recommend using the datapath VisionRGB-Exx DVI-capture-cards with vvvv.

They simply work, can capture all kinds of even strange resolutions and have low latency.


hey. i recommend the XTRemeRGB EX1. DVI or RGB capture at low latency and more flexibility than the intensities. Intensities are more cost effective though