Capture 4v output

hello! sorry, i don’t really know how to ask this:
how can i capture my 4voutput on hd without slowing the filestreams?

i do videoinstallations for art performances and music and usually document the event for later editing. due tue the light situation in most cases the cameras work with wide open iris (to catch the performance) and the actual projection is highly overexposed - which makes it look really poor in the video afterwards.
now i would really really really like to be able to edit the 4v-video into the gig-video.
also it would be great to prepare more complicated clips at home with my desktop and use a smaller laptop for 1-projector gigs to save travel costs

is there a way that i export my video output onto hd? i tried the writer node with different combinations of hd-sets (sata raid, ext. usb and firewire), had the renderer window really small and still i had now fluid motion in the output avi.

is there a way to output to a minidv deck (have a sony dsr11) or via lan to another computer or something easy that i’m too stupid to think about?

thanks a lot - danke

i checked the composite video output of my new ati x-1600 graphics card the other day and the quality looks brilliant. usually the video output on other graphics cards looks shite but ati did some work on this matter called AVIVO technology…if i’m not wrong.
all ati x-1k cards use this technology.

so with a video splitter u could feed the projector while record with a video cam or dv-recorder.

gonna do a dv recording of the output soon and put it on my userpage so u can judge for urself.

thanks u7angel

i got a nvidia 6600gt and neither the composite nor the svideo look convincing. do you know of a cheap vga to composite converter to have between pc and preview screen?
i also have a matrox g400 with composite out that looks good but it’s so incredibly slow that i wanna cry…

thanks again

vga to composite converter (called scanconverter) with convincing quality are usually expensive. it would be cheaper getting one of these ati cards.

i’ ve see a good scanconverter a while ago on ebay…selling for around 300 €…my card costs 175 € …so probably worth having a look at these cards if u wanna spend money.


hi chris, the ati card option sounds cool though at the moment i#m kinda struggling to pay rent …

i got an avid mojo dna that has beautiful composite and firewire outputs (plus a lot of render capacities) but i cannot adress it with 4v.
any ideas anyone?

so long