Cant work out how to integrate pointeditor

hello :)

im working on a video mixer / mapping project in v4 and i think i need to get the pointeditor included to allow vertex control of the .X model ( is that the right module? ). ive looked at some of the info in the 3dmapping section of the website, but im getting quite confused and cant get it to work.

can anyone offer any suggestions or maybe even get one into the patch for me ( sorry for sounding like a fool… ive been trying for days! )

ive attached the patch and a basic model if that helps at all.



a mixer (141.6 kB)

there is a shader missing in the .zip…

oops! i used one that i found on this forum called Transitions_basic.fx by desaxismundi. will it work if i just add that to the zip?

attached the file with ( hopefully ) the shader in the zip too

a mixer (144.6 kB)

hello, that helps a bit, but you also need to set the paths in the patch right. you can see the referencing path if you hover the mouse over a node. a good way to test this is to move the folder of your project to another location on your disk and open it from there. or download your own zip from here and open it on your machine…

regarding the PointEditor, select it and press F1 to see how you can manipulate a mesh with it. it goes between the XFile and the shader. if you use a persistent version, it will save the point edits to a specified file.

success! i tried a different version of the pointeditor and the in built help made a lot more sense to me!