Can't with tortoise

Hi all!

I need to build a vvvv plugin and i’m trying to set up tortoise and SharpDevelop. I installed both and i created the directories by following the instrucctions in “HowTo VVVVPlugins”

and i get this error:

Error: OPTIONS of
Error: ‘’:
Error: Could not resolve hostname `’: The requested name is
Error: valid and was found in the database, but it does not have the correct
Error: associated data being resolved for.
Error: (

i think i’m missing something… but… what?

thanks a lot!!

hej j,

strange. the url works for me:

i guess you have used the # instead of %23 in your original url. you may just try it again after a while. could be that sourceforge has temporary issues.

can you checkout all the other urls without problems?

Nops… i tryed all the urls… but it doesn’t work. and i tryed also with “c%23” instead fo c#.

I get this error now:

Command: Checkout from, revision HEAD, Fully recursive, Externals included
Error: OPTIONS of
Error: ‘’:
Error: could not connect to server (

but i could download the code from the website, so i can work now ;)
maybe i ll ask u for some tips in cSharp, still newby there :P

Thanks joreg!!

this is strange. i just tried again and it works as expected.

note that you should definitely use: