Can't upload files in comments anymore?

can it be that in a comment in the thread it is no longer possible to upload files such as v4p?

I only have an option for uploading images in this thread: raycomposer-ilda-dac-node

contributions never allowed uploading .v4ps. please start a forum thread referencing that contribution…

please change this. it is discouraging meaningful discussion about a contribution, hinders public exchange of help patches and test cases

^ that’s so true

I agree, in the current example it feels silly to make another thread to discuss the contribution

the problem i see with some of the contribution pages is that they are endless discussions of at times unrelated problems. i’d rather remove comments there completely and only offer to start forum threads that are then linked to that contribution.

and the easiest way to simulate this atm is to start extra forum threads manually and than in a comment to the contribution link to that thread. i’d say this is the much cleaner solution in the long run.

Would it be possible to have a discussion page, just like Wikipedia? Then there is the official contribution page and a page to discuss the contribution.

Like this and

regarding “the problem i see with some of the contribution pages is that they are endless discussions of at times unrelated” totally agree, but the only way i see is to make comment blocks sort-o collapsible. So we can moderate that stuff, and collapse outdated and useless post…

lol, the barry example is just too funny.

colorful rule outlines in front of a discussion is definitely not what I intend.
To paraphrase: What do we want? More “original research”! When do we want it? Now!

More on point: is is a given that most discussions about a(n alpha) contribution will happen inside the contributions thread. Only if mature enough, it will spawn its own threads.
Outlawing patches arbitrarily in the vvvvorum about the very contribution in question hinders development. Joreg, I know you want ppl to be more structured about their approach, with issues, git and whatnot. But it’s overshooting, in this case. Forcing ppl to post screenshots instead of patches (e.g. to to show some fault or corner case about some fresh contribution) is counterproductive.