Can't understand why it does not work

i made a little patch cause it was useful to me.
then i wanted to share it so i tryed to made a subpatch of it
so i added the input and output pins.
Some explanation and a little more functions, but nothing really changing the patch that is working perfectly (the one called score).
but this new version (the one called directoryplayer) stopped working …i tryed to remove single components i added but actually i can’t understand where’s the prooblem.
i attach the both.
hope some one can help me understanding that.

DirectoryPlayer (DShow9).v4p (22.0 kB)

this is the other one

sCoRe.v4p (13.6 kB)

I think you come across the null spread feeding a framedelay problem, 1 moment and I’ll fix it.
I think that should do it, let me knows if its still broken!


DirectoryPlayer_fix (DShow9).v4p (24.2 kB)

I had this trouble also using framedelay for filestreams, and than saving/opening it all refused to work.

Place the node ReplaceEmpty (Value) before a framedelay and it works again :)

So°O0 manY Thanks!
now it really ssems to work.