Cant start vvvv in ServerMode

Hi there,

i couldn’t find anything on the forums about this, so i have to ask this way:

i tried boygrouping again (it worked about 2 years ago, on XP)
now i’m using 2 w7 64bit computers and i cant start vvvv in server mode.

if i start vvvv.exe with the commandline /server it starts in normal mode.
vvvv.exe is set to “run as administrator”…

do i miss something?

thanks in advance and sorry if this has been postet before, but its really hard to find answers in the forum…


how do you set the ‘/server’ command when starting? do you use the start.bat or do you have the args.txt with ‘/server’ command?

i use the run dialog (ausführen)
XXX…\vvvv_45beta27.1\vvvv.exe /server

it works with the clients
XXX…\vvvv_45beta27.1\vvvv.exe /client (IP)

that just works for me… i wonder whats the difference on your machine. have you tried with args.txt?

strage thing is that with the args.txt not even the client startup works.
i had so many vvvv-versions installed. maybe there’s a bug there.
i will have to try on another PC, and tell you the results then.
thanks for your quick answers.

i’m really really sorry. it was all my mistake.
it started in server mode, but it didnt show up nowhere, cause i run w7 in old xp layout. there it doesnt say “SERVER” in the task bar. only if you mouse-over the task.

i’m really sorry for creating a fuzz about this. it was an honest mistake!!!

@scarab don’t worry, we have all done similar mistakes… and do it from time to time.