Can't receive Spread of Enum in R?

hello. im testing like around this patch. what kind of way to solving for what i do? i just want R works as spreadable at ReceiveString pin.

cant (2.5 kB)

I don’t think the R node ‘receive string’ is spread able. Would be nice tough, to be able to use it like a wireless CONS node.

Also, I think it is weird that you can connect an ENUM to and S (String) node, because to go from enum to string, you need something like Kalles Enum2String.

But I could be wrong on both statements, since I don’t use S’s and R’s.

yes me too think that would be nice.
i’m trying to creat a spreadable FileStream module, and this point of my question is the neck too far. when i try to creat spreadable something by own exertion, a way of wireless spreadable routing is necessary using together with CreatNode and DeleteNode. i’m seeking another way now.
thank your answer!