Cant go Full Screen in Second monitor dx11

Hello ,

Have you experience not being able to go full screen in second monitor using dx11 , win 10 ?

Do you know why and how to solve it ?

btw it only happen in certain patches.


Hey colorsound,
I recently had same experience with the Fullscreen pin when the renderer was on 2nd monitor.
I had to snatch it to top and ctrl+9 etc…

Hello baxtan,

thanks for your reply.

I happen to just fix it, it was hard to find.

Deleting some rendererTempTarget in other subpatch fix the problem dont ask me how that could cause this problem , then i create it a new rendererTemptarjet from zero i connected all the same and i can go fullscreen in second monitor.

So i presume somehow that renderer and its paramters had some strange bug.


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