Can't get FFT (Bass) to respond to ASIO stream

Hi, I am very new to vvvv, just began learning last week, but I am already loving the functionality and possibilities. My question is regarding ASIO functionality, particularly the FFT(Bass) node.

I cannot get it to read the AudioIN(Bass Asio) node when streaming from another source, my DAW, Reaper using Rearoute. I can get RMS (Bass) to read some sort of response and translate that to the Beat detector (Value), but I cannot get anything from the FFT (Bass). Well, actually, that’s not completely true, it reads a constant value of -99999996, and indeed that is what the Handle slice output pin shows on the AudioIn node, but I still get a response when I connect it to the RMS node and Beat Detector that correlates to whatever channel index I set it to. This would be fine, but I would like to be able to have vectors respond to FFT as well as beats.

Does anyone have experience with using the bass patches for FFT (Bass) with the AudioIN (Bass Asio)? I’d greatly appreciate any help. Either way, great piece of software, and the tutorials/documentation are really quite great, I just can’t seem to get this one part working so far.


I’m just testing this at the moment.

See AudioIn (Bass Asio) not receiving

After a couple of days of working on other things and looking at Curveau’s Latency Test patch, I came back to this issue and realized that I neglected to set the “FFT size,” so now it is working, but there does appear to be a slight latency even at the lowest size, 256. I think that’s fine for the moment, though I might explore Pure Data to see how latency is in that arena.

Thanks again for the help/link, Curveau.