Can't find PBRMaterial (Texture)

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vvvv gamma newbie here. I can’t find the PBRMaterial node with texture input. Any ideas? Constant color PBRMaterial node is available. I am on gamma version 2020.3.0.0127.

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Me too, can’t find the PBRMaterial(Texture) in 2020.3.0.0128.

Switch back to 2020.3.0-0042, it came out. Maybe one of the newer version deleted this node ?


most likely…

There are PBRMaterial (Metallic) and PBRMaterial (Specular). Have a look at “Overview Material-Nodes” for an general overview. If you want to know how to use these nodes with texures, check out “What is Diffuse Color” and others in the Material section of the Help Browser.

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Thanks @skefer, that was exactly my question. It seems like the workflow of texture input for a PBRMaterial has changed. Thanks bjoern for those reference pages. “What is diffuse color” patch gives an example of how to do a texture input to a PBRMaterial.