Can't copy/paste nodes from a module

Hélo all,

On 35.7, trying to copy nodes from BoundingBox (PolygonEditor EX9) to a new subpatch to make a DX11 version. Nothing is pasted in the subpatch, TTY says “Division by zero”. After closing vvvv, when opening the subpatch on its own, some nodes are pasted, but lots of them (and also links) are missing.

Steps to reproduce :

  1. Create a new patch, save it
  2. Enable Exceptions
  3. Create a subpatch (CTRL + Shift + P) and save it
  4. In main patch, create BoundingBox (PolygonEditor EX9), left-clic it and CTRL+A
  5. CTRL+V in the newly created Subpatch
  6. No nodes are pasted, and this exception should pop out :
  7. Close vvvv, re-open the subpatch on its own : now only some nodes are present

Weird thing is, if I copy/paste only a few nodes, it seems to work. But copying the whole thing at once does not.

EDIT : Does the same on 35.5 … have I missed something ?
EDIT 2 : Cloning from Nodebrowser works.

thanks, tracked

please try latest alpha. can we regard this as fixed?


Was AFK for a few days, works fine on latest alpha!


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