Can't connect two nodes

Hello everybody.
I am making a common video player with the fade in and fade out function, more for practice than use. Anyway i need some help.
I can’t connect OnChange bang box with the NextVideo bang box. i can’t get it where is mistake. Please look at my patch, i am sure it won’t be complicated for skilled guys.

VideoPlayer_beta.v4p (20.2 kB)

see node: framedelay

I tried to fix this patch by using @u7angel’s solution.
although it connect to NextVideo bang successfully, it doesn’t play next video.
and I stared patch. then, found the reason.
it was cause of Change’s double bang.

change bang point 1 : value A == 0
change bang point 2 : value A =! 0
in this case, because change bang signal occurs twice, it would be very fast double bang.
it maybe means nothing bang like bang double click point B.
I think you miss possibility of “change bang point 2”.

VideoPlayer_beta_sansuiAnswered.v4p (27.9 kB)

u7angel, sansui, thanks a lot.
I’ve got the reason. FrameDelay and TogEdge solved the problem.

Try using TogEdge (Animation) instead of Change

Also, perhaps replace that = (value) with a <= (value), so you are sure not going to miss any filestream endings. Both work, but using te equal is taking a gamble.