Can't connect map node to quad to affect brightness

I’m trying to use the Kinect to dim a and brighten a video as you approach move away from it. I adapted a patch used for audio (which works really well) but can’t attach the Map node to the Colour node of the quad to effect the V value (I’m guessing the fact there are four values in the colour box might have something to do with it, but I could be wrong). Screenshot below might help. Please help a noob in distress!

instead of the missing screenshot please post your (simplified) patch that shows the problem.

wild guess, check: creating feedback loops

thanks joreg, patch below

paradise lost.v4p (37.7 kB)

and the screenshot:

The output of Map is type Value, and you need type Colour.
So you can use HSL (Color Join) to convert between Value and Colour (for instance).

Or you could instead use a Blend (Color) to map between 2 colour values given an input 0 to 1.


Elliot, you are a star. The Blend (Color) worked.