Can't connect DX11 Geometry pins on latest alpha

hi all,

on latest alpha, when making a connection between Box (DX11) and GouraudDirectionnal, the Geometry Input pin doesn’t indicate it can accept the link. On the attached screenshots, I made a simple patch with b35.2, saved it and opened it with a35.5. TTY keeps yelling :

00:04:08 * : Invalid layout detected for slices:0,

As you can also see, the AxisAndGrid does not show up.

EDIT : Layer pins seem to be kinda working. Quad (Layer) is displayed.

just noticed the same. apparently the datatypes of the pins are not equal. (DX11IndexedGeometry vs. IDX11Geometry)

fixed. this is where the release candidate already pays out!

there is still a problem with the count (node) node: countproblem.v4p (1.8 KB)

thanks for reporting. here we have a RC number 4.

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