Can't change "MainLoop"

my MainLoop is “blocked”(to 60 fps): I cant change neither fore- nor background fps.
Both input pin marked “bold” as connected.
any ideas what it could be?
cheers, dimi

are you sure that you don’t have more than one mainloop in your open patches?

if I delete “frozen” MainLoop, i cant find any other MainLoop node through Finder.
If i bring it again into the patch, new MainLoop get the same.

strange… anything in tty window? corrupt link maybe?

you know how to do a global search in finder, ja? type:
< mainloop
and you should see all. except ones possibly hidden in a module (eg. Writer (NRT)).

todo: make the search inside modules optional.

I’ve done global search: no results.
TTY comes with bunge of errors. i dont know which relates to my problem.

I solved it by removing 2 subpatches > fixing MainLoop > inserting back

here is my log after fixing mainloop issue

vvvv.exe-exception-2012-07-17.txt (41.2 kB)