Cannot work

The external libraries are all installed. When I double click the “vvvv”,
This window appeared,and then there is no change.

Do bat file with:
vvvv /logstartup

put it to vvvv folder and run
Attach log here

also for general advice see:

we are waiting for the startup log as antokhio recommended…

where is the startup log?

Is vvvv in some directory that has non-latin characters in its name?
If so, try to move it to another directory and start from there …

scroll down on the troubleshooting page to learn how to create a startup log.

Since the vvvv cannot run, I guess that the startup log has not been created.

I don`t understand what the "args.txt"mean. So I only have this picture and this is the status of my vvvv now.

Remove that line you have on right notepad screen
Delete (/o girlpower …)
Add /logstartup
Start vvvv
Upload .log

Not work again.But the number of txt is more.

upload that

As mentioned above I think this might be the bugger, as I recall similar issues … please 11, read what people post …

Sorry, @readme I have moved it to my desktop, but it`s not work. Thank you for your help.

Here it is.2017.07.06-18.42.20.log (3.4 KB)

Try to move vvvv on c:\vvvv
Looks like it has to do something with encoding in your system…

also: have you unzipped the download using 7zip as recommended here:

@antokhio I put it in the c:. It still don`t work.2017.07.14-15.04.49.log (3.4 KB)

hmm try maybe this:
google translated

also try re-download vvvv and unzip using 7-zip

Localized exception messages are the best

The root cause is provided below. Review the CompositionException.Errors property for more detailed information.

  1. ´ËʵÏÖ²»ÊÇ Windows ƽ̨ FIPS ÑéÖ¤µÄ¼ÓÃÜËã·¨µÄÒ»²¿·Ö¡£

thanks computer with wrong character decoder I can see the problem now

Actually if you open log with notepad+ it will give you characters