Cannot shade a joined mesh

why does the flat effect dont work with a joined mesh ? or is this an issue of my gaphics card ? … see patch:

you forgot the normals. for shading an opject it needs normals. select the vertexjoin/split nodes and see inspektor. then connect the normal pins of both.

yeah, thats it, thanks !!

… but … can you also explaint the TexCoords pins, why they are 1D, 2D and 3D and why so many in inspector ? …

for standard texturing you’ll only need to set TexCoord 0 to ‘2d TexCoords’ and fill them in. but dx actually allows a vertex to have up to 8 texturecoordinates each of which can be a 1d, 2d or 3d set of coordinates.

this can be useful if you are doing multitexturing. then each vertex can address different textures differently. in a shader you can access the several coordinatesets via semantics (TEXCOORD0, …)

but they can even use them to provide arbitrary additional information to each vertex in the vertexbuffer which you can then use in a vertexshader.

get the whole story at msdn