Cannot link FileStream node Duration ooutput pin to LFO node Period input Pin

Hi all,
I am just starting using vvvv and I found it really cool!
I followed the basic tutorials but I think there is something I did not get about the IOBox, and pins data types.
Right now I created a patch to control a video and do forward/backward reading of the file. Everything (kind of) works so far but I wanted to connect the Duration output pin from the FileStream node to Period input pin from LFO node but it seems it is not possible to do it directly, and I don’t understand why. Is there anybody who could explain me?
Another thing I think is as well part of my missunderstanding: value in IOBoxes are sometimes formated with ending ‘s’ and some other times they don’t. Is it constrained by the datatype of the pin they are connected to? Is there a way to convert from one type to the other?
Sorry for all these questions, but I am a bit confused…


video_reverse.v4p (10.7 kB)

see creating feedback loops.

it’s only the subtype of a datatype. don’t worry about that.

FYI: create an AsString (Value) and check its Sub Type for possible subtypes of the datatype “Value”