Cannot disambiguish node

Hey all,

I’m using RestSharp 106.15.0 to query some REST API using 2021.4.10. It’s pretty outdated, but the > 107 branches have issues with the 2021 branch of vvvv, bug report pending…

Anyway, in 2021.4.10, I’m not able anymore to create an Execute node. For reference, the C# source for this node is available here (not sure why in their source code it’s only defined in IRestClient.cs, but the nodebrowser shows one in RestClient as well.

In 2021.4.9, I can simply do that :


But in 2021.4.10, I cannot :


And with Show Pin Choices set to true :


Also, while browsing in the nodebrowser, a NotImplementedException was thrown, full trace here.

It looks like no matter what I do, I cannot create this operation anymore.

Any hints?

Merci infiniment!

I guess this one is for @gregsn .

What happens if you save the patch (with that node) in 2021.4.9 and then open it in 2021.4.10?

Thanks for the suggestion! When I do that the node is there, here are the breadcrumbs it leaves in the node browser when I double-click it (to clarify, this is in 2021.4.10) :


The return pin it shows at the bottom-right of the node browser cannot be chosen when trying to create the node.

Oh damn. A fix is upcoming

Great, thanks!

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