Cannot add custom attributes at Emitter (DX11.Particles)

Following the example of Dx11.Particles pack, I created my custom Emitter modules. However, after I had added custom attributes in my shader, they are neither updated in COMPOSITESTRUCT constant nor recognized by the system. This is different from what was promised in the example. When I studied the nodes structure, the COMPOSITESTRUCT should have been updated by the info (Emitter) node (\plugins\DX11.Particles.Core\x64), used in SetupShader. Is there problem in this node? Or, is there anything I have missed? The struct extracted from the shader is correct however.

my vvvv - 50beta38.1_x64, DX11.Particles version - 1.0.6
my patches are attached (5.8 KB)

when asking things about specific packs it is best to add a mention to their creator, to give them a chance to react. so in this case @tmp

Bug confirmed :)
There is a problem with parsing & cleaning tab/space combinations before the type/variable definition.

Until bugfix release you can solve the problem in two ways:

  1. Replace the space/tab combination before type/variable definition with tabs in your shader
  2. Put a “Clean (String)” node between ExtractStruct & Register node in your Emitter

Thanks for the bugreport!

@tmp Everything works now! Thank you. Btw, thank you for the flexible and well structured pack :)
And thank you for the reminder @joreg

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