Can you read multiple json files with HTTPGet?

I need to get data from multiple json files but my patch breaks when I try to add more than one file. Even with one file it actually doesn’t load the json file right away, there’s always a lag. Here’s my patch currently:

JsonParse (3).v4p (10.0 KB)

hey ns, welcome to vvvv!

yes, most nodes in vvvv can simply take multiple inputs in form of a spread. see attached spread where 2 json files are downloaded and parsed in parallel:
JsonParse (4).v4p (14.1 KB)

well, you’re loading the json files from the internet. that takes some time. see the “in progress” output of the HTTPGet node to see how long the downloading actually takes.

hi joreg, thank you so much! this is great.

for future reference, how did you change the number of spreads of the input string?

please see the documentation here: IOBoxes | vvvv beta documentation

let me know if this requires further clarification.

great! thank you

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