Can you hear the crackles? VAudio hardware help

please see video below.
Do the crackles depend from the sound card or CPU?
Same thing happening with the wavetable example in VAudio pack.
In general, what should I need for a multitrack wavetable synthesis? more CPU or a good external DAC?

Try changing the buffer size in your sound card drivers. That can help

done, up to 2048. Nothing changes…

Probably is it my Realtek Audio integrated?
In general, modulating a simple sine wave causes pops and crackles.

Tried smaller too?

Can you share the patch. From looking and listening to the video, I don’t think it is a hardware issue.

@ddf you seem to use vvvv mainloop nodes to modify audio parameters. since the mainloop, even if it runs at 60fps is way to slow for audio manipulation you hear all the steps as crackles. especially for fast moving motion. if steps get too big you introduce little impulses in the audio signal and that are those crackles. at least it sounds like that in the video.

some values even only update per audio buffer, so if you increase the buffer size some values will even update slower. so try a buffer size of 256 - 1024. smaller is better of course.

so go into the node browser, type ‘VAudio’ and try to only use the nodes showing up. especially for ADSR and other signal modulation.

@tonfilm @sunep it’s not hardware issue guys, thanks for the insights.
Here a quick patch that shows it.
I don’t know if possible but wouldn’t it be nice to have spreads available in audio values to modulate wavetables?

WaveTableSynthesis-mainloop-vaudio.v4p (54.7 KB)

thanks for the example! hm, spreads in VAudio to manipulate wave tables… have to think about how this might work…

Yes, @tonfilm, I tried and failed to explain this problem at last NODE. it wqould be awesome to have the option of a synchronized wavetable or buffer player. This way you could potentially make audio processing on the GPU that is actually sounding good

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