Can we connect Arduino mega 2560 and process inputs

I wanna connect Arduino mega 2560 to get 40 digital inputs…
But will the firmata module be able to handle mega.

If not can someone please share mega module for firmata.

Hi Asir,

you could read all the pins from arduino this way too :


just add the pins you need this way or do a loop in arduino if you dont want to copy paste 40 times ;D

code and patch attached.


Mega_Digital_Inputs.7z (5.7 KB)

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Oh my god… Thanks So much ColorSound :)
It was really helpful.

I have one more thing also to be sorted
So I’m using arduino mega 2560 just to get digital input values.
I’m working on a sound based installation

I want a sheet or module that displays all the pin input values at once.
say pin number 3 - - > 0 or 1
I use that to mute the sound or unmute the sound
I must be able to connect the values to the volume out, Just 0 or 1

I’m very new to this, does not know many technical terms, but if you can help it would be really helpful.
And you have already helped me so much.

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Hello @Asir,

just try the FirmataBoard (Devices) node from the latest beta.
Actually it should work out of the box with all the pins.
Hit F1 on the node and check its helppatch.
Please report if you have some troubles.


Do you know what is index in Digital read

This is the pin number on you Arduino Board.

Okie… Cool… Thanks again man…


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