Can someone make a VL midi patch for me?

(Is a VL patch called a patch? a node? a module? a…project?)

I’m really excited about the new event-based MIDI in VVVV…but while I’m very comfortable with VVV, VL has proven to be very very daunting to me :I

I couldn’t even figure out how to add the enum to change the MidiInputDevice on the MidiIn node :I

So, could some kind soul make the following VL Midi Patch for me?

What I want is a very simple midi note transpose patch.

So, VL is monitoring a MidiInputDevice for all notes on one channel. An 127 slice spread is coming from VVVV that will transpose the note +/- the number contained in the slice. These transposed notes are then sent in VL to a different MidiInputDevice.

Also, if the MidiInput In and Out Devices are exposed so they can be changed from VVVV.

(So, if slice #0 is 5, it’ll transpose Note number 0 from the MidiInputDevice up 5 semitones. And so on as the slices indicate)

Does that make sense?

It seriously seems like a few moments of work, but VL is kicking my butt :(


that’s the same as in vvvv start a connection from the pin and make a middle-click → enum IOBox get’s created for you.

that’s more tricky but can be done with CreateEnum in vvvv…

also make sure you watched all tutorial videos listed under VL here:

see patch for more:
Midi (9.6 KB)

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