Can not reconnect InstancingComponent

While doing stuff in gamma, I came across a strange phenomenon. At some point, I was not able anymore to reconnect my InstancingComponent to Geometries. Even when opening the Helppatches and shutting down VVVV gamma completely or restarting my PC, reconnecting the nodes after cutting the connections was not working…
It could be that after connecting the InstancingComponent to FromValue, a Spread of “InstancingComponents” is constructed and the Inputpin of the Geometry only accepts Spreads of “EntityComponents”… but I mean it was working all the time before.

Help would be much appreciated :)

Afaik InstancingComponent is one type of EntityComponent and this is not automatically inferred by the system. You have to force the link by holding space while making the connection.

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Thanks for the fast reply :)
But holding down Shift does not seem to make the trick. It rather creates a Pad from the output… I think i haven’ t even tried once before to reconnect. So reconnecting should not be possible the normal way overall. What am I missing?

sorry typo I meant space

That’s it, thank you :)

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