Can not leave fullscreen in a saved application

I just opened a project which I accidentally must have saved it after I pressed Alt+Enter. Now when I re-open the project I can not leave fullscreen mode anymore, neither with the shortcut, nor with the SetFullscreen node. Here is an example patch that I saved after I enabled fullscreen.

The bug occurs in 4.12, 5.2 and recent preview.

FullscreenToggleStride.vl (8.8 KB)

the window size and position are saved when you save in fullscreen, which could be considered a bug. the reason toggle fullscreen is doing nothing is that there is no smaller windowed size stored anywhere it could snap back to.

You should be able to grab any side of the window and make it smaller.

Thanks, does this work in your case with the attached patch? In my case it does not.

Yes, but only on the side where my second monitor is. It also works when I press the Windows key to bring up the taskbar and select “move” on the window and press any arrow key. So definitely a bug.

I delete the node for the window and undo the deletion, that works

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