Can I recall values in a patch with a bang event?


I am trying to find a way to recall values while a patch is running.
It would be great for me if these values can be recalled by a bang.

I am quite used to the pd/max style of bang a value, witch looks not working in vvvv, and I’m maybe just not thinking it the right way for doing it in vvvv…

Is there a way in vvvv to “push” values from bangs, and merge these values in a node, that will allways hold at the last value received ( without coming back to zero when the bang gets released )?

Or any better idea to do what I’m looking for ?

I found somehow a solution by using switches, but a solution based on a bang would make my life easier in terms of patching.



I’m not exactly sure what you want to do, there may be several solutions to what you are trying to achieve - perhaps s+h (animation) will help? This basically works like a message in max (and not like max’s s&h), only the value is received in the left, and “pushed” by banging the right inlet.


s+h (animation) does the first part of the job.

Then What I’m looking for is a way to connect several s+h outputs together and get only one value, the last that was trigged.

ltp (value)

ltp is interesting, but still needs to know in advance in witch order values are going to be used.
What I’m looking for should allow to pass the last value that arrived, non depending on pin order or whatever, just the last one that arrived.

multiflipflop + switch?

cool !
thanks eno