Can I get FFT values from FileStream?

I want to get FFT values of sound from Movie files.
for example, it would be Music Video File, *.avi, mpg, mov…
so, I had tried to use FileStream(dshow9) node. the node has Audio output.
connected FFT(dshow9).
a Movie file was successful for getting FFT values.
but, almost movie files wasn’t.
maybe I guess FileStream(dshow9) node don’t support some codecs.
I use audio codec MP3 or AC3.

FileStream(EX9. Texture VLC) node supports many codecs.
is there a way to get FFT values using FileStream(EX9. Texture VLC)?
or… other good way?


Try filestream2.

Or this patch attached


FileStream AVI file with FFT audio (11.8 kB)

and have a look at

Thanks to answering, @roger.betin)) and ((user:joreg.
but I have knew FileStream(dshow9) supports MP3.
It seems I had knew wrong.
anyway, thanks!