Can I find a coordinate in Binary Image's white pixel of EX9 Renderer?(using ps3 eye cam)

Hi, these days, I’m studying of PS3 Eye Camera.
@robe’s helping, I could have got a grayscale video image from PS3 Eye Camera.
I’m starting in “VideoIn (CLEye) help.v4p” of vvvv.packs.image

Then, I want to get hand’s position(X,Y cordinate) from this video image.
I tried to using Threshold node, so I got a binary video image.

um… now, I don’t know how to do more.

I tried Pipet node. it makes Color Spread.
I can see hand’s coordinate by this spread.
How can I get the coordinate value of hand?(for example. X:120, Y:35)

you could use contour the freeframe or the one in the image pack but the camera will not know if it is a hand or other object but it will give you the xy of each blob (white independent area ) that finds in the image. You could also use pipet.