Can i expect a specific ilda controller to work with vvvv?

this one

Hi ggml,

there is a LD2000 Device Node for Pangolin’s QM2000 and as far as I know the Lumax device is supported, too. I don’t think the riya devices are supported.

as BK pointed out this device will not work with vvvv out of the box. but they claim to have an sdk so there is a way to write a plugin…

but the Lumax (Devices) for the is probably similar?

yes, lumax seems even better at pointspersecond
sorry for the strange question, but where can i get a minilumax board ? there is no marketing mention on, nor on the first google search page

try the email here:

even called the man, no answer in 2 days now… i will wait

Is the lumax board still available, any reply, ggml?


I have been in contact with the guys.

They got now a new board version

I have both versions and both work out of the box, The usb version is discontinued now.

Who develop the lumax plugin in v4,is the source code available?

it would be great if developer could update the plug to the ethernet version.

Lumax guys did a temporary wrapper as explained on the bottom of this page


@colorsound: a network interface to the cards sounds like you could simply patch the communication. see if you can find a specification on how to talk to the card via udp/tcp and you should be ready to go.