Can I compare multiple conditions?

I am trying to make some logic.
In General programming language, it is like this.

if(input1 == input21 || input1 == input22 || input1 == input23){
return B;
return A;

I used = + Switch node for this logic.
but output is spread(3).
it should be only one.

Expr(value advanced) would be a solution, but I think this is not vvvly.
I can’t also use spread for input to compare.
Modifying is inconvenient.

Is there a way to solve this logic with more intuitive and vvvly?

try “or” … no text …

callmenames.v4p (7.4 kB)

or ‘sift’… no text …

or Or (Boolean Spectral) after the = node.

@u7angel)), user:sebl, ((user:tonfilm thank you!!
Both Sift and OR, good solution in this case.