Can 3d objects be pushed around?

hi ppl, i have a question regarding a project of mine, which i want to realise in vvvv:
i want to be able to click on an object on the screen (or send x,y and z values) and the clicked object/respectively the object which is under the given coordinates gets pushed back the z-value and turned in the direction where it was “pushed”.
any ideas?

thanks a lot!


maybe my question was not clear enough: is there a way to “push” objects on a point, so that they are moving in the direction where they are pushed? such as when an astronaut would push a floating bottle in space? and by pushing i actually mean clicking :)

any help or hints would be great!
thanks a lot!


hmmm have you looked at framedelay connected to an add node you can get continuous movement from that ( a * connected to the frame delay can control the spped of movement) If you need it to stop try the newton, or damper or linear nodes and a switch on the input values.

ok, thanks catweasel, i’ll have a look!
but again for a question: is there a way to find out which object lies on x/y clicked coordinate (in a render window/camera view)?

there are 2 ‘button’ nodes…check their help file. ‘intersect’ is helpful too.

and the helpfile for 3d button

awesome examples! thanks u7angel and catweasel! that almost completely solves my problems. just one more thing: i took a look at the BOX (ODE) example – is there a way to kind of accelerate objects, so they could be “pushed upwards” and then fall back, like in the box-example, when i resize the second box, so the falling box gets pushed? any ideas?