Camtasia recorder

has anyone tried to use the camtasia recorder to capture part of the screen and do a live videoin in the patch?

i am trying out the latest version 5 and it is working on other video capturing software like amcap. i can select the driver from videoin. there is no video output from both the video and preview pins. checked TTY and saw a line
ERR: no interface
as i select the camtasia driver in videoin.

any clue? many thanks in advance ;)

according to this rather old posting on (i didn’t find any newer reference) camtasias live output works as a videoforwindows device, which is not supported by vvvv.

vvvv can only access all devices that have a wdm driver.

have you tried ScreenShot (EX9.Texture) instead?

that’s super cool, joreg!!! i didn’t aware of that ScreenShot thing before (and i thought it is a static capturer by it’s name). it does what i wanted camtasia to do and it provides even more like capturing a client area by the window handle! i lovvvve vvvv!!!

the Window/ClientAreaOfHandle works perfectly well for me, and however, i’m unsure about when to use Window/ClientOfHandle. (it returns a blank texture in all cases.) And, it couldn’t capture most video players windows (wmp, realplayer, vlc, etc). does it only works with app windows that render things in VMR or something? there seems to be a lack of help patch with this guy…

i’m not very knowledgeable in how the video rendering works in Windows, and it seems the area is rather broad. any good resource you can direct me to dig deep into?

many many thanks!

be carefull with camtasia - last time i installed it to do screen recordings with v4 - vvvv stopped working --> it was because camtasia switched the windows graphiccard gardeware accelleration to none.

ahm, ja, the Window/ClientOfHandle is not implemented. it is supposed to get rid of the problem of Window/ClientAreaOfHandle which will capture everything lying in the windows area, which means this mode will capture windows lying over windows, or you can’t use it in fullscreen…

  • And, it couldn’t capture most video players windows (wmp, realplayer, vlc, etc).
    that is the exact reason why camtasia disables hardware acceleration. mediaplayers can draw things to the screen in an optimized way which cannot be screenshotted. with hardware accerleration globally disabled those mediaplayers would resort back to drawing in a non-optimized way so that they can be screenshotted.

thanks guys for the help! and just found kalle had made the help patch for ScreenShot. cool!