Cameras and multiscreen

hello there,

i’d like to project a 3d camera animation i’ve made onto all 4 walls of a room with the according views; what’s the best approach to do this in vvvv? i will need 4 pc’s anyway, won’t i?


Well, you need 4 VGA outputs and 4 projectors yes, so that means 1 fat PC with 2 GFX cards, or 2 Dualhead2go’s. Work in SpanMode.

i think elektromeier built himself a 19"pc with 4cards means 8 heads inside…

thanks for the answers; so you’d use 2 gpu with 2 outputs each, in v4 2 devices in spanmode, 2 renderer, one time with the camera turned 180 degrees, right?

I’d say only one renderer in spanmode with rotated viewports…

@deaxismundi: but wouldn’t i need 1 gpu with 4 outs for this? furthermore, i’m pretty new to the camera node, maybe you could explain more detailed what you mean - is it connecting “view” with “view transform” and “projection” with “projection transform”, with a rotate node of count 2 in between “view” and “view transform”? how is a spread of cameras handled? sorry if this is a stupid question, will try it as soon as i’m at home…thanks!

this patch and a few clicks should do it.

wooow, thanks a lot, great help, exactly what i’m looking for!