Camera(Transform Orbit) - Damping


I would very much appreciate it, if it had a damping behaviour as the version by dottore did.

Also: There seems to be a bug in the camera movement. Sometimes the camera gets “stuck/locked” and cannot be moved anymore. A reset resolves this, but sometimes even multiple resets are needed.


This problem still exists on Beta 36 and the damping behaviour would also still be appreciated.




this wasn’t easy to fix since the VL Damper doesn’t have a reset pin. however, the Filter node which behaves like a Damper when set to Expo mode now has a reset pin. so this is possible now.
would you keep the 1s long damping time? that always felt a bit slow for my personal taste. currently have it on 0.5s and it feels a bit snappier.


please also test the camera freezes… i could not reproduce them on my machine. do you have any idea on how to reproduce it?


Hi. Great to hear this is being considered. .5s as the standard should be fine, but it needs to be a settable input pin. The bug is hard to reproduce, but I’m still getting it very often. I think it has something to do with window switching, but can’t pin it down yet.


I just could reproduce the bug consistently by moving the mouse when holding R for reset. Seems the camera gets stuck in reset mode.


thanks for testing, will check.


hm, wasn’t able to break the camera. can you describe in more detail? dx9 dx11? windowed, fullscreen, docked? any special mouse settings? test patch would be ace…