Camera (Tranform Softimage) Bug - wrong Keyboard node

the Camera (Transform Softimage) in b32.0 does not work as expected (no free control possible).
reason for this is a Keyboard (Devices Desktop) instead of a Keyboard (Devices Window) in the module.

can you be more specific as to what exactly is not working here for you? it seems to work for me…

Getting any camera movement with keyboard+mouse doesn’t work for me in beta 32 (Windows Vista).

ok we found something. can you please now test with latest alpha and see if it works?

Same error here joreg, with b32x64 and b32x86, keyboard nodes ( either system windows or device desktop ) are present, but its like you are not pressing any key.

works for me now in latest alpha!

@vjc4: The Keyboard (Devices Window) will only output something if the focused window is a renderer window - did you try it in that way?
The Keyboard (Devices Desktop) node in beta32 selects one of the registered keyboards in your system as the primary keyboard and outputs its data. Sadly in some cases the selected keyboard is not the one you’re actually typing on. We therefor changed the node that by default it won’t filter the messages by a specific keyboard anymore, but instead outputs all keyboard messages it receives. This is done by setting the invisible “Index” pin to -1. The old “filter by device” behaviour (like you see it in beta32) can still be achieved by setting the “Index” pin to anything other than -1. For details have a look at the help patch of the node.
Anyway, it would be very kind of you if you could download the latest alpha build and report back if it works for you now.

@elias: Hey you were right. I did try on the focused window, but i had 2 keyboard in windows. After changing the selected keyboard and restarting VVVV it worked just fine. :)

Works for me in latest alpha.