Camera & Target module

I’ve been playing with ampops’ Camera & Target module.(Thanks ampop this is really needed!)

I’ve been successful in making a box the target and this works very well. However I’m using a a gourard directional node instead of the constant node and I’m running into some problems.

The perspective and angles of the box seems distorted when the camera moves around - how do I get a shaded geometry into the renderer without distortion?

Also, can someone shed some light about the “constant” node? I can’t find any documentation for it.

here’s a shot of my patch


ampops module

I’ve tried to reproduce your distorted views and the only instance whre the box seemed distorted was, when I disabled the Depth Buffer of the Renderer. attached is an example.
If this doesn’t solve your problem, please attach your patch and I’ll have a look.

About the constant node: it’s like the DrawFixed Node just as .fx shader. The only thing, the constant node does is to color every pixel of a surface with a specified color regardless of any light.

Camera arround Box.v4p (19.3 kB)